Statistics of the extragalactic Cepheids

Cepheid variable stars play a fundamental role in astronomy because they are standard candles in calibrating the cosmic distance scale via the period-luminosity relationship. As of June 2022, Cepheids have been discovered in 96 galaxies beyond the Milky Way. The total number of known Cepheid variable stars exceeds 20000 (not counting the ones announced in Gaia DR2).

The construction of the data base is in progress and has not been finished yet. Data on variables in galaxies hosting largest numbers of known Cepheids (Small Magellanic Cloud, Large Magellanic Cloud, M31, etc.) will be uploaded at a later phase of the project. Until now we have 6975 cepheids in 97 galaxies.

Galaxy Number of known Cepheids Membership Revised Hubble type Remark
Andromeda2686Local GroupSbLINER type AGN
Andromeda II dwarf0Local GroupdSph
Andromeda III dwarf5Local GroupdSph
Andromeda VI dwarf6Local GroupdSph
Andromeda XXI dwarf9Local GroupdSph
Andromeda XXV dwarf3Local GroupdSph
Aquarius dwarf75Local GroupdSph
Canes Venatici I3Local GroupdSph
Carina dwarf14Local GroupdSph
Centaurus A51Centaurus A GroupPecSeyfert II galaxy
Cetus dwarf3Local GroupdSph
DDO 1551field galaxyIm
DDO 1872field galaxyIm
DDO 19332SBdm
Draco dwarf8Local GroupdSph
Fornax dwarf24Local GroupdSph
Holmberg II7NGC 2403 GroupIm
I Zwicky 183field galaxyBCDin a galaxy pair
IC 105Local GroupImpost starburst galaxy
IC 1613209Local GroupIm
IC 34224IC 342 GroupScd
IC 418228Canes Venatici I GroupSdm
Large Magellanic Cloud5122Local GroupIm
Leo A156Local GroupIm
Leo I dwarf71Local GroupdSph
Leo II dwarf4Local GroupdSph
NGC 0055143Local GroupSBm
NGC 01477Local GroupdE5
NGC 018513Local GroupdE3Seyfert II galaxy
NGC 02057Local GroupS0/E5
NGC 0300146Sculptor GroupSd
NGC 09250NGC 925 GroupSBc
NGC 101527SBa
NGC 13090Eridanus GroupSbc
NGC 131326
NGC 1326A17Fornax GroupSBinteracting pair
NGC 136595Fornax GroupSBbcSeyfert I galaxy
NGC 142529Fornax GroupSb
NGC 144889NGC 1433 GroupSAcd
NGC 163741field galaxySc
NGC 209034field galaxySb
NGC 23660NGC 2403 GroupImin a pair of galaxies
NGC 240317NGC 2403Scd
NGC 2442433SAB(s)bcpLINER type AGN
NGC 24726Sculptor GroupSdlow surface brightness galaxy
NGC 254134NGC 2841 GroupSc
NGC 284126NGC 2841 GroupSb
NGC 302168Sbc
NGC 3031160M81 GroupSabLINER type AGN
NGC 3109120Local GroupSm
NGC 319878NGC 3198 GroupSc
NGC 331933NGC 3198 GroupSBc
NGC 335149Leo GroupSBc
NGC 336816Leo GroupSab
NGC 3370199LGG 219Scfarthest Cepheids up to now
NGC 3447126LGG 225SBdmmerging interacting galaxies
NGC 362169field galaxySd
NGC 362796Leo GroupSbLINER type AGN
NGC 397278LGG 241SA(s)bcin a pair of galaxies
NGC 398272Ursa Maior GroupSbSeyfert I galaxy
NGC 403832LGG 263SBmmerging galaxy pair: Antennae galaxies
NGC 4258601Canes Venatici II GroupSbpSeyfert II galaxy, circumnuclear maser ring
NGC 432152Virgo ClusterScstarburst galaxy
NGC 439511Canes Venatici I GroupSmnearest Seyfert I galaxy
NGC 441411NGC 4631 GroupSc
NGC 44247Sa
NGC 4496A95Virgo ClusterSBcin a pair of galaxies
NGC 452766Virgo ClusterSb
NGC 453550Virgo ClusterSBcbrightest galaxy in Virgo Cluster
NGC 4536153
NGC 454824Virgo ClusterSBbLINER type AGN
NGC 45713Virgo ClusterSc
NGC 460361Centaurus ClusterSc
NGC 463964Virgo ClusterSbSeyfert I galaxy
NGC 472520Coma II GroupSBbSeyfert II galaxy
NGC 525317M83 GroupImZ Cen = HD 118843
NGC 5584212Virgo III CloudSBc
NGC 591715Sin an interacting galaxy pair
NGC 682273Local GroupImpolar ring galaxy
NGC 725029Irr
NGC 733113NGC 7331 GroupSbLINER type AGN
NGC 779317Sculptor GroupSd
Pegasus dwarf39Local GroupIm
Phoenix dwarf19Local GroupIm
Pinwheel845M101 GroupScdin an interacting galaxy pair
Sagittarius dwarf1Local GroupdSph
Sculptor dwarf4Local GroupdSph
Sextans A92Local GroupIm
Sextans B8Local GroupIm
Sextans dwarf5Local GroupdSph
Small Magellanic Cloud5102Local GroupI
Southern Pinwheel112M83 GroupSBcstarburst galaxy
Triangulum747Local GroupScd
Tucana dwarf6Local GroupdSph
Ursa Minor dwarf6Local GroupdSph
Wolf-Lundmark-Merlotte61Local GroupIm