Extragalactic Cepheid Data Base

The total number of known Cepheids exceeds 19000 in 97 galaxies beyond the Milky Way system. The aim of the online data base is to provide an easy acces to avaible photometric data on individual extragalactic Cepheids.

In Statistics menu we give a list about the number of galaxies hosting known Cepheids. Here we also list the number of known Cepheids in the individual galaxies. In this menu the number of uploaded Cepheids in automatically updated.

The Data base menu offers the connection with the data base via a search bar. Here, one can list the relevant information (e.g. coordinates, pulsation period, mean magnitudes).

In About menu a short description about the data base is given.

In the References menu the bibiliographic sources are listed.

Remarks and suggestions are welcome in order to improve the structure and information content in Contact menu.

The data base is maintained the website of the Konkoly Observatory.